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PMDG and the new Microsoft Flight Simulator

PMDG and the new Microsoft Flight Simulator

In two consecutive forum posts, Robert Randazzo of PMDG shared their progress in getting their product line on the new simulator as well as his outlook on the future of flight simulator in general.

Key takeaways from the comprehensive posts

  • As has been noticed in their different approach to the community in general, it looks like the team at Microsoft Flight Simulator and Asobo has done a great job with developers as well. Robert says that he "has never been more comfortable that the future of simming is in very good hands.". This is a major change in the right direction and we could not be happier to hear this.

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator is different and might take some time to get used to if coming from the previous generation platforms. In sharing his lessons learned as he got used to the new sim Robert mentions that "different does not necessarily wrong". These differences are mainly in the user interface and the effort to accommodate a larger player base.

  • The platform has been thought of as a continually developed one. According to Robert, it will live with us for the next 5-10 years.

  • Don't expect all your favorite add-ons to be available on day one. It will take developers a bit to finish their product lines for the new flight simulator.

  • In summing up his thoughts on the platform Robert described it as "spectacular".

  • The new flight simulator provides a "dramatic increase in what the simulation is capable of supporting in terms of model detail, resolution, textures and lighting".

  • PMDG expects to issue an update on its release plans around the end of summer.

We recommend reading the full posts by Robert on their forum and enjoy their preview images of the 737 in the new simulator

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